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General Clothing Care


All Naturally Rugged cotton garments have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk to ensure absolutely no shrinkage.

General Clothing Care:

The advantage of wearing Naturally Rugged 100% pre-shrunk clothing is its easy care. Throw it in the dryer for as long as you want, you can't shrink it! Most colours will soften due to repeated washes and exposure to sunlight. Because our fabrics are cotton and not a poly/cotton blend our gentle fleece lining will not ball up or "pill", in fact our clothes actually become more comfortable with each passing wash and wear cycle!

Normal Care:

Machine wash in cool or warm water and machine dry.

Heavy Dirt and Stains:

Apply a commercial pre-wash product, allow the product to work for a few minutes then wash and dry as normal.

Oil Stains:

Dab oil spots in dish washing liquid and then wash and dry as normal.
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