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About Naturally Rugged

Naturally Rugged was established in 1987 and built a reputation as a company recognized nationwide for its exceptional line of clothing, service and consumer satisfaction.

Brother and sister team, Jeff Broughton and Tammy Quantrell, liked the product so much that when the opportunity became available, they purchased the company in mid-20l3 and will keep the tradition alive.

They are the owner operators of an existing family business, "Kennedy's Flags and Specialty Sewing". Proud suppliers of wind products of exceptional quality, they will be bringing their expertise and family values to the Naturally Rugged products to ensure that they continue to produce comfortable and durable garment dyed, cotton clothing for casual, travel and adventure wear.

It is their mission to ensure they meet the needs of their customers, keep the pricing competitive and deliver quality that is second to none.


All of our products are produced in our factory in Erin, Ontario to ensure we achieve the greatest quality. We use several types of 100% cotton fabrics and carefully dye each garment with our unique dying process. Once you browse our catalogue, you will be delighted to find that our two lines are a favourite wardrobe must-have amongst both men and women.

Ruggedwear is made with 8oz cotton and pre-shrunk to be durable, soft yet sturdy. The carefully applied dye gives us our unique weathered look and broken-in appearance that only gets better with time.

Breezywear is a lightweight 4.50z cotton that will keep you cool and comfortable in warm and even humid temperatures, worn for gardening and casual wear the pieces are stylish enough to travel or cruise in!

Both lines offer different styles and various colours sure to please everyone. By using only the highest quality of cotton, pre-shrinking and applying a unique dying process we can ensure that every garment has the broken-in softness that has the timeless appeal that has made us famous.

This is cotton wear designed to outlast any adventure!
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